Mercedes Vito Viano

Car Radio For Mercedes Sprinter Viano Vito W639 Android 10.0 Carplay

Car Radio For Mercedes Sprinter Viano Vito W639 Android 10.0 Carplay
Car Radio For Mercedes Sprinter Viano Vito W639 Android 10.0 Carplay
Car Radio For Mercedes Sprinter Viano Vito W639 Android 10.0 Carplay
Car Radio For Mercedes Sprinter Viano Vito W639 Android 10.0 Carplay
Car Radio For Mercedes Sprinter Viano Vito W639 Android 10.0 Carplay
Car Radio For Mercedes Sprinter Viano Vito W639 Android 10.0 Carplay
Car Radio For Mercedes Sprinter Viano Vito W639 Android 10.0 Carplay
Car Radio For Mercedes Sprinter Viano Vito W639 Android 10.0 Carplay
Car Radio For Mercedes Sprinter Viano Vito W639 Android 10.0 Carplay
Car Radio For Mercedes Sprinter Viano Vito W639 Android 10.0 Carplay
Car Radio For Mercedes Sprinter Viano Vito W639 Android 10.0 Carplay
Car Radio For Mercedes Sprinter Viano Vito W639 Android 10.0 Carplay

Car Radio For Mercedes Sprinter Viano Vito W639 Android 10.0 Carplay   Car Radio For Mercedes Sprinter Viano Vito W639 Android 10.0 Carplay
Car radio for mercedes sprinter viano vito w639 android 10.0 carcarplay. This product sheet is originally written in English. Please find below a machine translation in French. If you have any questions please contact us. Autoradio for mercedes sprinter viano vito w639 android 10.0 autocarplay dab 8.

Exclusive to direct tech audio, this brand new unit of the high-end a85 pro series pba (powered by android) is finally there. The a85 pro series is powered by an 8-core 1800 mhz super fast processor combined with an internal flash drive of 64GB and 4GB ddr, which means that this system has a reference score of over 170,000. With the fast processor and high ram, the a85-pro series of direct audio tech will impress you, not your budget. The integrated android 12 operating system with robust performance, privacy improvements and all the benefits that accompany it, including access to the world's largest application market.

The vehicle-class android operating system means we didn't add the latest android. We have added a version that has proven to be stable and redesigned to offer you the most stable android solution currently on the market. Install your favorite apps like spotify, youtube, google, listen to online music, hundreds of browsing options and get real-time traffic, use offline maps without using your phone and much more.

Connect various external devices to extend functions. More than 1,000 google play store applications are tested for installation, especially multimedia/display and navigation applications in the category "cars and vehicles". When you invest in a direct a85 pro audio tech unit, there are more advantages than just buying from a specialized audio brand established in 2014 with years of experience with android units and countless satisfied customers. With exclusive features that pba has upgraded or developed in collaboration with our expert engineers (that others will not take into account due to increased costs), you can have peace of mind that you buy a quality product supported by staff based in the United Kingdom that can help you.

For any questions you may have or to help you use the product. Here's the bottom on the specifications offered in the unit. Last android 12 operating system with 8 course processor, 4 GB of ram and 64 GB of rom. Apple built-in wireless and wired carplay.

Android auto wireless and wired built-in. Free offline navigation maps by navteq provided with all a85 pro units.

Ips screen with 178° high resolution 720p vision angles. Integrated Wi-Fi; easily access the internet via the wifi network. Bluetooth 5.0 integrated with hands-free calls, music streaming (a2dp) and directory support. Integrated dsp audio equalizer with power amplifier stmicro 4 x 48 w mosfet. Compatible sim 4g card (card not provided).

The shared screen mode allows you to run two applications side by side. Rca preamp outputs for external amplifier and/or subwoofer. Back camera input (rca); supports ahd cameras as well as cvbs/ntsc/pal. Numerous additional optional upgrades available such as dab+ radio, tpms, dvr dashboard camera and more. In the current market, there are now many replicas of low-priced units that look like ours but have extremely poor internal components and parts such as thin and fragile metal frames and cheap plastics. Low-end, low-quality and cheap products that flood the market, many of which even have false specifications! This is why it is always important to choose a highly renowned and reliable source as direct tech audio to avoid disappointment. This custom head unit is designed to be an after-sales replacement head unit for the head unit adjusted to the original base. The device is provided with an audio connection corresponding to what should be the entry-level standard. Please read the mounting notes (if any) assigned to this product as we try to advise you as many points as possible on information and variant possibilities. Compatible with the following models. Panel size: upper width 244 mm x height 240 mm x lower width 130 mm.

Important information: the assembly guide is given for information purposes only. We strongly recommend that you check the shape and dimensions of your application prior to purchase, as some models on our compatibility list have different shape stereos mounted at the factory. Vehicles that are on iso, you will need to manually connect the acc +12v cable into the electric beam. It won't work without it.

Mercedes sprinters on quadlock, you need to connect the canbus connection. There are two options on the job, either via the quadlock plug or via the can socket under the passenger seat.

Both wires are provided with the device. Models mercedes class a w169 with the unique din unit, but in this form.

Sometimes a slight change is necessary to open. If you have a factory mounted rear-view camera, you will need a retention cable to hold it (sold separately).

Please make sure to see and be satisfied with it before committing to purchase. Deliveries to the United Kingdom (less than 2 kg). Most items are in stock and we do our best to ship as soon as we can physically. Most items are usually delivered within 2-3 business days (saturday is not counted as a business day). However, know that some items are held for us by our suppliers and that these items will take about 4 to 6 business days to be delivered.

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We offer custom units for most applications, otherwise we can convert them into another solution. We specialize mainly in car entertainment, we offer a wide range of auto radios from single din units, double din units and car-specific units, as well as a range of stereo accessories such as back-up cameras and multimedia cables. In fact, we are the largest UK supplier of oem-style central units with more than 100 types of choice and we are also the largest UK supplier of back-up cameras, with more than 80 different variants of choice.

We are very passionate about our company and have spent months checking our full range of products to ensure that only the best items arrive on our shelves and finally on you. We have a team of automotive electricians and audio specialists who can advise you on everything with your purchase.

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From our head office in shropshire, our dedicated team provides sales, marketing, technical and after-sales service for all here for you. Orders are processed seamlessly throughout the day and our sophisticated shipping system uses the latest technologies to ensure that the right products are delivered on time, quickly and efficiently. We are based here in the United Kingdom, with a British company number and a tva number. We strive to respond to your message within 24 hours, but during peak periods it can take up to 36 hours.

Our customer support team is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 a. Note: Closed on weekends and on public holidays in the United Kingdom. 7 android 7.1 dab radio gps sat nav stereo wifi for mercedes class c w203 s203. Autoradio for mercedes class e w211 cls w219 android 10.0 dab sat nav gps wifi 7.

Autoradio for mercedes sprinter w639 android 10.0 stereo dab sat nav gps wifi 7. Autoradio for mercedes class r w251 android 10.0 carplay dab sat nav gps wifi 9. Fascias specific to the car. About the seller's page.

This list is currently being maintained, we apologize for the inconvenience caused. Connect various external devices to extend them. Capacitive 1024x600 hd touch screen. Navteq maps uk, eire & western europe.

10.0 q (64-bit operating system). This item is in the category "auto, motorcycle - parts, accessories\autoradios, hi-fi, video, gps\multimedia embedded\main stereo systems units".

The seller is "audiotechdirect" and is located in this country: gb. This item may be shipped to the following country: europe.

  1. unit size: 2 din
  2. cpu: rockchips px5 1512mhz octa-core
  3. Operating system: android Mark: pba Manufacturer part number: jes-me8121b
  4. compatible vehicle do: mercedes-benz, volkswagen
  5. compatible format: dvd
  6. number of channels: 4 channels
  7. Internal memory: 32 go Screen size: 8 in Colour: black
  8. Type screen: capacitive touch screen 1024x600 hd
  9. memory change: 4 go ddr3
  10. offline navigation included: navteq maps uk, eire & western European
  11. Model: jes-me8121b
  12. characteristics: dab+, built-in equalizer, built-in hard drive, input memory card, auxiliary input, compatible gps, electronic shock protection, android, car free hands kit, touch screen, dab, dab ready, id3tag, built-in equalizer, sd card, rds, usb interface, built-in wifi, multi-region file playback, camera back switch, animated screen, bluetooth, mirror display
  13. rms power in watts per chain: 4x50w (max)
  14. main functionality: sd
  15. number of preamplifier outputs: 1
  16. dab+ ready: yes, dab354 sold separately
  17. port: to
  18. android right version: 10.0 q (64 bit operating system)

Car Radio For Mercedes Sprinter Viano Vito W639 Android 10.0 Carplay   Car Radio For Mercedes Sprinter Viano Vito W639 Android 10.0 Carplay