Mercedes Vito Viano

MERCEDES VIANO VITO 639 2.2 D 2003- Intermediate+ Muffler

MERCEDES VIANO VITO 639 2.2 D 2003- Intermediate+ Muffler

MERCEDES VIANO VITO 639 2.2 D 2003- Intermediate+ Muffler   MERCEDES VIANO VITO 639 2.2 D 2003- Intermediate+ Muffler

MERCEDES VIANO VITO - 639 2.2 D 109-116/150/88-95HP 2003- Intermediate Exhaust Silencer+. Return period - 30 days. Made of high-quality aluminum and steel by Thyssen-Krupp. Approved product: e3 03 10955.

The selected product is suitable for the following cars. Catalytic converter: + Diesel: +. 2.2 CDi Turbo Diesel. 2.2 CDi Turbo Diesel SWB.

VITO - 639 2.2 D. 109 CDi Turbo Diesel SWB. Explanation of abbreviations and notations.

Production year (example): from 08/1982 to 07/1984. Car has/does not have a catalytic converter. The object of the auction is. 2 x Clamp (code: 250-465).

3 x Rubber Mounting (code: 255-305). 1 x Intermediate exhaust silencer (Approved product e3 03 10955). The car data must match the data indicated in the following table. All other information in the title is for demonstration purposes only to help you search for the product.

If you are not sure if the selected part fits your vehicle, or for any other doubt, we advise you to contact us by providing the following technical data: - brand, model - body type: 3 or 5 doors hatchback, sedan, station wagon, or other? - gasoline, diesel, or turbo diesel - engine capacity in cc/liters - month and year of manufacture - actual horsepower (or kW) - whether there is a catalytic converter or not - engine code. These details will help us select the appropriate part and speed up our response. IBAN: PL68 1050 1575 1000 0090 8040 5880. It is not possible to pick up the package yourself. The shipment is made within 2-3 business days after receiving payment.

However, due to a large number of orders, order processing may take up to 10 business days. If you need the part quickly, please contact us. After shipping, you will receive a tracking number for your package to track the delivery steps. Contact us in case of delay and we will check the issue with the carrier. If the size of the product exceeds the allowable dimensions of a package (more than 2 meters in length), it can be cut into two parts.

Then we attach original elements with which the parts can be joined. If the delivery driver encounters a problem during delivery, such as the customer being absent, not answering the phone, etc., the package can be left at a parcel shop or temporarily stored in a warehouse awaiting a new delivery attempt. Croatia (excluding islands, but including Krk). Denmark (excluding the Faroe Islands). Spain (excluding islands and Africa). United Kingdom (excluding non-EU islands of the UK).

You pay the shipping cost for the more expensive item you ordered. For other items, you pay half of the shipping costs.

When purchasing multiple products, you will receive a discount on the shipping costs. It is possible to purchase the product according to the rules of intra-community VAT.

Please contact us before placing the order. Once the payment is received, your invoice will be generated. You can download it in your User Panel.

The shipment is made after receiving the payment. When we receive the payment, a package can be sent immediately to the buyer.

If you decide to cancel the order after sending the payment, we may not always be able to stop the package. In this case, the buyer pays the return costs. If you are not sure if a particular exhaust fits your car, send us the technical information about the car before making the payment. By paying, you consent to the shipment of the product.

Before delivery, our carrier may contact you. Therefore, it is advisable to provide your phone number in your User Panel. Otherwise, if the phone number is not provided or is incorrect, responsibility for delayed delivery no longer rests with us. All claims related to damage or defects in the delivered package will be accepted only when a customer presents a damage report, which should be drawn up immediately after receiving the delivery, in the presence of the courier.

Therefore, we ask you to check the package in the presence of the courier and refuse it if there is any damage. If the purchased product does not match your car, please send us the technical information about the car and the engraved number on the part so that we can check your purchase and propose an exchange. If the customer is unable to prove that the part is damaged (with photos or videos), a repair or exchange is possible after returning the part and after our technicians have checked it.

If damage is discovered after installation, we do not cover the cost of disassembly.
MERCEDES VIANO VITO 639 2.2 D 2003- Intermediate+ Muffler   MERCEDES VIANO VITO 639 2.2 D 2003- Intermediate+ Muffler