Mercedes Vito Viano

Turbo For Mercedes Benz Vito W639 120 CDI With 150 Kw 204 Ps New A6420905980

Turbo For Mercedes Benz Vito W639 120 CDI With 150 Kw 204 Ps New A6420905980
Turbo For Mercedes Benz Vito W639 120 CDI With 150 Kw 204 Ps New A6420905980
Turbo For Mercedes Benz Vito W639 120 CDI With 150 Kw 204 Ps New A6420905980
Turbo For Mercedes Benz Vito W639 120 CDI With 150 Kw 204 Ps New A6420905980
Turbo For Mercedes Benz Vito W639 120 CDI With 150 Kw 204 Ps New A6420905980

Turbo For Mercedes Benz Vito W639 120 CDI With 150 Kw 204 Ps New A6420905980    Turbo For Mercedes Benz Vito W639 120 CDI With 150 Kw 204 Ps New A6420905980
Turbo for Mercedes Benz W639 Vito 120 cdi with 150 kilowatts 204 ps nine a6420905980. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

Turbotec gmbh, your specialist for new & original turbochargers with over 20 years experience! New original Samsung parts: the OEM quality!

No old unit back - no charge. Month warranty from date of purchase.

Brand new and in its original packaging. Year warranty from the date of sale. Above: list application engine codes (for highest loeil vehicles). Brand - Vehicle - motor.

Chrysler - 300c - 3.0 crd. Chrysler - 300c touring - 3.0 crd.

Jeep - Grand Cherokee iii (wh) - 3.0 crd. Mb - class c (w203) - c 320 cdi (3.0 20 20). Mb - c class break (s203) - c 320 cdi (203 220). Mb-class c (w204) - c 320 cdi (204 022). Mb c-Class (w204) - c 350 cdi (204,022). Mb - c class break (s204) - c 320 cdi 4-matic 2 ...

Mb - clk (C209) - 320 cdi (209 320). Mb - convertible clk (a209) - 320 cdi (209 420). 0 3.0 Mb - (C219) - cls 320 cdi (219 322).

Class mo e (w211) - 280th (211,054). 0 3.0 5 -12.08.

Class mo e (w211) - E 280 4-matic (211,092). Class mo e (w211) - e 280 cdi (211,020). Class mo e (w211) - e 280 cdi 4-matic. Class mo e (w211) e 320 cdi (211 022).

Class mo e (w211) e 320 cdi 4-matic. Mb - E Class wagon (s211) - e 280 cdi t (211,220).

0 3.0 5 07.09. Mb - E Class wagon (s211) - E 280 t cdi 4-matic mb ..

- E-class station wagon (s211) - e 320 cdi t (211,222). Mb - E Class wagon (s211) - E 320 t cdi 4-matic .. mb-m ​​class (w164) - ml 280 cdi 4-matic (164,120).

07.05 - 07.09. Mb-m class (w164) - 320 ml cdi 4-matic (164,122). Mb - r W251 class. V251 - r cdi 280 251 121 ... V251 - r 320 cdi 4-matic 2 Mb ...

- gl class (x 164) -gl 320 cdi (164 822). 3.0 mb - viano (W639) - cdi.

0 3.0 Mb - vito bus (W639) - cdi 120. Mb - vito / box mixto (W639) - cdi 120. Mb - Sprinter 3.5 t cdi box 906-318. Mb - sprinter 3.5 flat / chassis 906-31 ... Mb - 5 sprinter does cdi box 906-518.

Mb - sprinter 5-t flat / chassis 906-51 ... Om 642 910 - Mercedes-Benz. Om 642 920 - Mercedes-Benz. Mounting Kits corresponding course, we have in stock! Free shipping with orders / requests directly!

Just like a auswä VAT, plus Shipping method \Adapted new gasket kits Elring (made in Germany) in stock! Sil please send a message before your payment is completed. The turbocharger is in stock and can be shipped immediately!

We understand that your vehicle is an essential part of everyday life and the efficient delivery so almost, we are committed to provide! Account in your name with VAT expelled.

Original parts designated brands - we never sell replicas! No elders not renovated turbochargers! Get manufacturers specified controller fabrikneu packed turbocharger!

Safe handling of friendly uncompromising. As individually we will find the right turbocharger for your vehicle. You will receive an invoice in your name with VAT expelled sil Please also note our agb. Parts supplier of original brand mentioned only.

Intertreatment no, no opportunity workover emergency! We offer exclusively original parts again. Friendly safe handling without compromise.

We are pleased to search for and identify the right turbocharger for your car. But in addition if you run your own business, you will receive special conditions. Your old or the refund! Just google for \Reduction of VAT? Send us your company registration and VAT-id by fax or email.

And get the goods VAT free! We have a full understanding of questions and always using love and professionalism. If you might have other questions, feel free to contact us by email or phone. This article receives full 24 month warranty. Ask our growing tariffs, all joints are included.

Driving aspiration of the oil should necessarily be replaced. We sell power supply lines without oil, you get these in each workshop. The oil filter should be changed.

An oil change should take place. The installation should be performed by a qualified workshop. Keep these documents / evidence. With the construction of a new turbocharger should be any pollution lölzulaufsystem were removed. They clean the air cooler overeating, they change the oil and air filter, make sure the oil to - and freely and without contamination drains.

Non-compliance of these points can lead to complete loss of warranty. In the case of warranty the offending turbocharger must be examined first of all before we provide replacement. This device comes with a manufacturer warranty of 24 months to take advantage of this warranty, you must make sure that the steps: -Renew all joints. We sell appropriate seal kits containing all you need, just ask for it. Renew the oil pipe power supply. We do not sell this, but it is in stock in each service center. Make dhuile drain -New turbocharger must be installed by a proffessional service center. If we want to guarantee your receipt. During installation of a new turbo is mandatory DEliminate any debris that can contaminate your system dinduction that is to say - thoroughly clean your intercooler, change your oil filter and air filter and make sure the oil Animal and the oil return pipe are free of obstructions. Failure to respect this important operation will result in turbine damage.

If this is not done and the new unit is damaged due to improper assembly of the nile & vacuum warranty + is the refund policy does not apply. The unit must therefore be collected and inspected first before a replacement or refund is issued. Plus fees payment on delivery in Germany-payment to the van.

We offer the following payment options: -Bank bank to our bank account. Shipping and delivery - time of transportation. Generally, your goods by DHL happened to the money from date of receipt.

You get an id followed VAT, plus Shipping day programs have a duration of dune rule day distance lallemagne. For inquiries we are gladly available. We have many international clients. Of course, we offer delivery worldwide!

After receiving your payment, your items will be delivered to DHL asap. Transit time varied between 1 to 14 days depending on your location. For other questions, please contact u.

Not finding what you want? - not found what you are looking for?

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Havent found what you've been looking for you? Not sure about the correct turbocharger that you need? Did you find a cheaper offer for this turbocharger elsewhere? Stop here and send u. We deliver only on the basis of our terms and conditions. It can sagir under this offer or here. Discover our terms before buying. You can see below the offer or click here.

518 cdi 318cdi 120 cdi vito bus W639. Gl-klasse x164 r r-klasse 280 cdi. R 320 cdi 4-matic ml 320 cdi 4-matic ml 280 cdi 4. M-klasse w164 e 320 t cdi 4-matic. E 320 cdi t e 280 t 280 t cdi cdi e.

E-klasse kombi s211 w211 320cdi cls C219. Clk a209 cabriolet, clk C209, c 320 cdi 4-matic. C-klasse kombi s204, w204 c 350, 320.

C S203, w203,300 c touring, Chrysler 300 C. 743507-7 743507-4 743507-9 757608-1 757608-2.

765155-4 765155-7 chrysler 300c, jeepgrand. 6420900280 - a6420900280 - a6420901480 6420901480. 6420900780-6420904780 - 6420905980 - a6420900780.

A6420904780 a6420905980 68037207aa - a68037207aa. 6420904780, 6420904980, 6420905980, 6420901480 642090598080, 6420901880, 6420902080, 6420903080. The item \, superchargers \ turbo \The seller is \This article can be shipped worldwide.

  1. oe reference number: Class gl-class x164 r r 280 cdi sprinter 5-t choose / frame <\/ li>
  2. reference number oe / oem: 05179566ab cherokee chrysler <\/ li>
  3. product group: engine room <\/ li>
  4. Surface structure: nine <\/ li>
  5. Mounting position: Front <\/ li>
  6. item number: 001tc17815000 <\/ li>
  7. parts Manufacturer / Supplier: MAHLE Original <\/ li>
  8. Manufacturer: MAHLE Original <\/ li>
  9. manufacturer part number: 001tc17815000 <\/ li>
  10. brand - no brand / generic - <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Turbo For Mercedes Benz Vito W639 120 CDI With 150 Kw 204 Ps New A6420905980    Turbo For Mercedes Benz Vito W639 120 CDI With 150 Kw 204 Ps New A6420905980