Mercedes Vito Viano

Transmission Shaft Mercedes Viano-Vito-Mixto-2240 MM-New-Free Delivery Included

Transmission Shaft Mercedes Viano-Vito-Mixto-2240 MM-New-Free Delivery Included

Transmission Shaft Mercedes Viano-Vito-Mixto-2240 MM-New-Free Delivery Included   Transmission Shaft Mercedes Viano-Vito-Mixto-2240 MM-New-Free Delivery Included

2240 MM - Delivery Included - A6394103006-A6394103006. IMPORTANT CONDITION FOR DELIVERY: We strongly advise you to choose a delivery address that is accessible with someone present.

The delivery is carried out by a carrier. If the address is not accessible, or no one is present to receive the delivery, an additional billing supplement may occur upon re-presentation.

Please make sure to provide a mobile phone number. WARRANTY: Assembly to be carried out by a qualified professional. IMPORTANT: Before any assembly, make sure to check the compatibility with the vehicle by comparing the received part with the one already installed. Shipping Information: The delivery time is generally 5 working days. In the case of an order with multiple items, the transmission shaft is delivered alone.

The rest of the references are delivered by La Poste. The price includes preparation, shipping, and delivery. Leader Auto Parts offers a range of new and guaranteed quality transmission shafts at discounted prices. The intervention for the replacement of the part must be carried out by a qualified professional. MERCEDES MIXTO 2.2 CDI 09/2003-10/2014 (346927).

MERCEDES MIXTO 3.0 CDI 09/2003-10/2014 (346928). MERCEDES MIXTO 3.2 V6 09/2003-10/2014 (346929). MERCEDES MIXTO 3.8 V6 09/2003-10/2014 (346930).

MERCEDES VIANO 2.2 CDI 09/2003-12/2016 (346919). MERCEDES VIANO 3.0 CDI 09/2003-12/2016 (346920). MERCEDES VIANO 3.2 V6 09/2003-12/2016 (346921). MERCEDES VIANO 3.8 V6 09/2003-12/2016 (346922).

MERCEDES VITO 2.2 CDI 09/2003-10/2014 (346923). MERCEDES VITO 3.0 CDI 09/2003-10/2014 (346924).

MERCEDES VITO 3.2 V6 09/2003-10/2014 (346925). MERCEDES VITO 3.8 V6 09/2003-10/2014 (346926). The choice of a car spare part is of paramount importance. On the same vehicle model, for the same part, there may be different installations, depending on the year of registration, options at the time of purchase, etc. All images are illustrative and not contractual.

They are provided for indicative purposes. Some accessories may not necessarily be provided, depending on the manufacturers. The visual appearance and the item may be modified at any time without notice. We invite you to contact us before any order if you have any doubts.

Otherwise, we could not be held responsible for any possible incompatibility between your order and your vehicle. Do not hesitate to contact us to avoid any errors and immobilization of your vehicle. It cannot guarantee the perfect compatibility of the part. We advise you to take into consideration the technical information and the non-exhaustive list of compatible vehicles, which are found under the banner of our shop above. Due to numerous abuses, please send us the payment for your purchases within 48 hours. For any confirmation of compatibility or information requests, contact us. By providing us with the elements of the registration card, Registration Date of First Registration (B); Brand D. Data found on the registration card facing these references.

Leader-Pieces-Auto, there are hundreds of references for new adaptable spare parts, second-hand. A "Premium Range," original manufacturer parts at the best price. For any information request, do not hesitate to contact us, we respond on the same day.

Pro Quality at Discount Prices is here. Order as many items as needed, you will not have any bad surprises. Sales to international and overseas territories. We sell and ship internationally.

We will charge you the shipping costs fairly. Before paying for your purchase, click on "Ask the seller for the total" so that we remove the VAT amount. Shipments outside Metropolitan France only concern packages not exceeding the weight and volume regulated by postal services. For commercial exchanges in EU countries, sales are concluded in.

Deliveries are provided by the following providers. Carrier (for bulky items, such as axles). Additional payments to be made (options that you have expressly chosen). The indicated fees include packaging, processing your order, and shipping. Also, remember to check your spam folder. Orders are recorded and processed every day. They are taken into account until 12:00, for preparation on the same day. The carrier's handling takes place the next day, except weekends and public holidays. For some references, an additional delay may be necessary. It is indicated on the product sheet. If the ordered item is no longer available during the processing of your order. We undertake to provide it to you as soon as possible, or to refund you immediately upon request, or if a delay is deemed too long. At any time, even after accepting the balance, the buyer can cancel his order and request a refund. The replenishment times given are indicative and transmitted by our suppliers. Information on processing and delivery times. Order processing (request for availability confirmation and preparation). Delivery of the order to the service provider for delivery. Last delivery day (except in case of force majeure, see service provider conditions). We remind you that it is essential for you to sign and check your package upon delivery.

The processing of an order placed on a public holiday will be carried out on the first working day following the public holiday. No order preparation on a working day positioned between two public holidays, or between a public holiday and a weekend ("bridge"). The refund of a returned part is not automatic. The following conditions must be strictly adhered to. Return the part in its original packaging, undamaged.

It must, in turn, be overpackaged to ensure it does not suffer any damage during transport. The returned part must NEVER have been installed or tested on the vehicle.

It must be able to be resold by Leader Auto Parts (excluding warranty parts) in its intact original packaging. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in. The application of a minimum 15% discount on the refund amount of the returned part. Photos may be attached for justification. The refusal of the part when presented by the carrier. Refunds are made by crediting the payment method used when ordering, unless you request otherwise, generally within two to three weeks. An eventual participation of Leader Auto Parts in the return costs of the part may be made, after explicit agreement from the after-sales service, in the form of sending a prepaid voucher. No financial refund will be granted for return shipping costs.
Transmission Shaft Mercedes Viano-Vito-Mixto-2240 MM-New-Free Delivery Included   Transmission Shaft Mercedes Viano-Vito-Mixto-2240 MM-New-Free Delivery Included