Mercedes Vito Viano

Culasse Om651 651.940 Mercedes Vito Viano W639 2.2 CDI

Culasse Om651 651.940 Mercedes Vito Viano W639 2.2 CDI
Culasse Om651 651.940 Mercedes Vito Viano W639 2.2 CDI

Culasse Om651 651.940 Mercedes Vito Viano W639 2.2 CDI  Culasse Om651 651.940 Mercedes Vito Viano W639 2.2 CDI

Number in the ergmoto catalogue: g566. Room name: breech application: mercedes vito viano w639 2.2 cdi om 651.940 651940 part removed with: vito 2014. Please compare the original coin number. If you have any doubts about the product sold (description) please contact us.

Contact: '48 730 018 653 - for englisch. Whatsapp - doesn't like which language. 6-month warranty - reimbursement of installation costs. We are a Polish company with a presence in the Polish market in Europe and the world since 2010.

We have thousands of satisfied customers. Personal abduction - at the company's headquarters in Poland. The reason is certain postcodes and products weighing more than 30 kilograms. The warranty is granted for a period of 6 months from the date of receipt of the goods.

The warranty is valid with the document to purchase the goods and the present warranty document which must be attached to the goods sold. During the warranty period, any parts found to be defective will be replaced, or if this is not possible, the customer will receive a refund. The warranty does not cover typically consumable duse parts such as: rollers, tendors, distribution pads as well as belts, distribution chains and oil pumps; engine accessories rollers, tendors, pulleys and drive belts; preheating candles and ignition candles; cooling fluid pumps; seals and sealing pads (does not apply to the breech seal); filters; Pads.

The sensors and plastic distribution boxes are covered by the warranty only in case they are the ones who are the object of the sale. The seller is not responsible for the consequences of breaking or jumping the belts/distribution chains. The seller grants an additional 30-day guarantee, according to which, in the event of the need to assemble and disassemble the purchased goods that have proven to be defective, the seller will pay the buyer an amount equal to 20% of the gross price of the defective goods purchased, but no less than 50 raw pln (fifty pln) and no more than 1000 raw pln (thousand pln), charged on the reimbursement of the cost of assembly and dismantling of the defective parts. If the purchase of goods is done in a currency other than the Polish zloty, the amount mentioned in point 5 will be paid in the foreign currency in which the purchase of the goods was made, after its conversion according to the average exchange rate of the Polish National Bank on the day of the sale of the goods. The payment of the amount covered by lalinea 5 does not apply to the situation where the goods were sold as damaged or as a need for refurbishment.

In order for the deadline and the duties to be respected for lalinéa 5, it is necessary that within 30 days of receipt of the purchased goods, the buyer will report to the seller that the goods purchased are defective, the fact having to be documented from the photos or registration confirming the installation of the purchased goods. In order to retain the rights mentioned in lalinea 5 of this warranty, it is essential that the assembly and dismantling of the goods be carried out in a professional car garage. Once the conditions specified in paragraphs 8-9 have been met, the amount covered by lalinea 5 is paid under a vat invoice issued to the seller by the garage performing the assembly and dismantling of the purchased goods.

In the event of a justified claim, the seller reimburses the equivalent of the goods being claimed and the shipping costs to the customer. In the event of the purchase of many items and a justified claim concerning some of them, the cost of shipping back and forth remains the responsibility of the customer. The goods are returned at the customer's expense. The seller does not accept parcels sent for refund or at the seller's expense. Whatever the reason for the return, the seller does not cover the costs associated with the diagnosis of the goods purchased and the downtime of the vehicle.

The seller is required to execute the obligations resulting from the warranty within 30 days of the date the defect of the goods sold was properly reported. The goods sold are marked. Removing the marking of the merchandise or dismantling the elements of the goods results in the loss of the warranty granted. The liability for the warranty only covers defects resulting from the reasons inherent in the goods sold. The assembly of the parts is equivalent to accepting the terms of the warranty.

Owner: edward, robert, grzegorz kwiatkowski street: ogrodowa 2c 46-045 turawa - polska/pologne. The item \"culasse om651 651.940 mercedes vito viano w639 2.2 cdi\" has been on sale since Monday, December 21, 2020. It is in the category \"auto, motorcycle - parts, accessories -auto parts-engines, engine parts and culasses\".

The seller is \"ergmoto\" and is located in turawa. This item can be shipped to the following country: France.
  1. reference number oe/oem: 651.940
  2. other room number: 651940
  3. mark: mercedes
  4. manufacturer part number: 651940

Culasse Om651 651.940 Mercedes Vito Viano W639 2.2 CDI  Culasse Om651 651.940 Mercedes Vito Viano W639 2.2 CDI